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Mystery Writer reveals all…

Don’t you just love it. Those tabloid tell alls sure get attention – even if most of it is just headline garbage. Well, I was meaning to tell you where I got my start.

My favorite aunt bought me the book The House of Seven Gables a Trixie Belden mystery. That was even before I knew what gables were – or turrets or any of that Victorian stuff. I read and carried that book everywhere. Eventually, its well worn cover (I can still picture the dust jacket) and frayed pages stayed behind in one of our many moves. I suppose as a teenager I may have had many other things on my mind and with 5 children my parents couldn’t take everything we all owned…I never forgot the book.

As so many authors cut their teeth on The Hardy Boys, or Agatha Christie or even Dorothy Parker–the old and still very popular authors of mystery have fan clubs and more on the internet and I wouldn’t doubt if not on live too.

In later years I followed the Murder She Wrote television series, never tiring of the reruns until I thought I would try to look for books by Angela Lansbury. I knew she was a Broadway actress of some status so why not. Imagine my surprise when I discovered she writes, but as her character. Jessica Fletcher and a partner have penned many, many mysteries. I started collecting them because she reminds me so much of my mother and they are good (though probably very slow paced by today’s standards) relaxing reading.

Funny how we hitch our wagon to some stars and they carry us over the rainbow and back with their stories…what makes me think I can write? They did.


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