I Wrote The End today…

Yes, I did! I wrote the end on the WIP July Heat. which is a mystery/suspense. Part of the Zodiac series — did you guess this is July? the Cancer?

Number 7 in the Zodiac Series

Now comes the fun part the re-write, the edit, the polish. I try to sneak up on it and edit it in several stages = ) First does it sound like an adult wrote it? or is it garbled and inconsistent, then I get down to order – does it track, then comes the dangling thingies (I guess misplaced modifiers and dangling participles – I always thought participles were atom like things that floated in the air.) *sigh* well I know they are now because after I leave a piece of writing they sneak in and switch the order so they dangle where they want.

But I push on because I love it. I am a writer and no one can stop me…not even the file cabinet full of rejections, because I have all these nice contracts that did make it. *grin*


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